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not wanting to become drunk when out, but then drinking more wine) Magnitude of dissonance. The term "magnitude of dissonance" refers to the level of discomfort caused to the person. adjective. 1 Music. Lacking harmony. ‘irregular, dissonant chords’. More example sentences.

Dissonant meaning

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Meaning of dissonant. Sinhala Translations of dissonant. Information about dissonant in the free online   1 Nov 2015 Cognitive dissonance is that uncomfortable feeling you get when you try to maintain two or more inconsistent beliefs at the same time or when  6 Jan 2021 Dissonance Origin of Dissonance Late Middle English: from Old French, from late Latin dissonantia, from Latin dissonant- 'disagreeing in sound',  Meaning and definitions of dissonant, translation in Gujarati language for dissonant with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dissonant in  This is defined as the relation of resolution.

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In other words, it is a deliberate use of inharmonious words, phrases, or syllables   6 Mar 2018 The theory and definition of cognitive dissonance, plus why it can play an important role in your everyday life (and health and wellness). Definition of dissonant in the Dictionary. Meaning of dissonant.

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Dissonant meaning

disagreeing or incongruous; at variance.

Dissonance can then be defined as a combination of sounds that does not belong to the style under consideration; in recent music, what is considered  AdjectiveEdit. dissonant (comparative more dissonant, superlative most dissonant). Exhibiting dissonance; not agreeing or harmonizing. The music was filled  adjective Music Constituting or producing a dissonance. from The Century Dictionary.
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(adverb) dissonant meaning in Urdu (Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US: 1) dissonant. Lacking in harmony.

definition. definitionsmässig. definitiv.
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strandkant. 17. tillerkänt. 18.

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a. a sensation commonly associated with all intervals of the second and seventh, all diminished and augmented intervals, and all chords based on these intervals.